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Thread: This Month's Haul: June Edition

  1. This Month's Haul: June Edition

    I dropped by the Game Over store I'd visited the last time I was in Houston. I picked up Full Auto 2 (PSP) for $8, along with the manual for Mountain King (Atari VCS) $5 and a plastic SNES protective case for $1. I got the Battlefield game from a Walmart.

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  2. Picked up a 2600 to play some Kaboom!

  3. Great buy! Kaboom! alone is reason enough to own a 2600.

  4. Mountain King is pretty cool as well.

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    Kaboom is literally why I still have a 2600. Awesome game.

  6. I am having trouble cracking 2k... soon.

  7. Clearance Legos, I have no interest in seeing Ghostbusters but it makes a nice set. Thought the Clayface set was the best of Lego Batman collection, found it and Joker at a random grocery store.


    Pawn haul: PS2/PSone .50 apiece, Gameboy $2, N64 $2, Vita $4. Beetle Racing! Was pleasantly surprised to find a cheap Walking Dead since I got the much more common season 2 last year.


    And after five years of hunting around for NES games there was one title that eluded me, never considered it rare or anything but had a lot of fun with it back in the rental days. Picked a complete copy up with a EBay promotion:


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    pretty good gameboy haul

  9. Nice haul Low.

    I've seen some pretty good deals on videogames at pawn shops, but not quite as good as what you got.

  10. Most pawn shops seem to have adopted Amazon/game store pricing. Luckily there's a couple places around here that just seem to want to turn stuff out quick so it's flopped into prepriced bins and you hopefully get lucky rummaging through.


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