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Thread: Black Panther

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    Does anyone seriously care about these comic book movies anymore?
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  2. better than the reboots and other garbage at the movies

  3. better in what way?

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    I feel somehow obligated to watch them after a childhood of really poor comic movies, but I like ignoring that obligation.
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    Does anyone seriously care about these comic book movies anymore?
    Yeah, great question! Especially since none of them are moneymakers and all flop so horribly.

    That said, so...Black Panther rules a country that pretends to be a third-world shithole via giant holograms but really looks like a highly-advanced alien planet or some shit? Huh?

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  6. That's how they protected themselves from whitey's exploitation.

  7. Still havenít seen the new Spidey or Thor. I might just wait until this hits Netflix.

  8. I've never bothered to see any of them in the theater. Every time I see a trailer for a Marvel movie, it just reminds me to watch whichever one is coming out on streaming/home video that week.

  9. MoviePass. I see everything in the theater
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  10. Thorís actually not out yet. I might still see it. I like Marvel and their space themed movies particularly.


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