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Thread: Ori and the Will of the Wisps (PC, One)

  1. I played a bunch yesterday, was loving it but there's a lot of technical hiccups that seem to compounding over time. The slowdown during battles with lots of enemies and effects on screen would be one thing, but the game just starts outright freezing for ~5 seconds at random, and it's not at delineated loading points, it's smack in the middle of you trying to platform or fight things. The map screen is also taking longer and longer to pop up as it fills out, which is super not okay for a Metroid-like.

    Gonna have to put it down and wait for a patch... which a real shitty thing to have to say for a game that's been in the oven for as long as this was.
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  2. I played a couple hours so far and have zero issues. Playing on the x though. The long load to the map screen is annoying though. I like the new combat but it feels a bit odd. Floaty, kinda hard to tell what’s going on.

    When I play this I just wonder what all this money and talent could do for a Castlevania game. Fucking Konami.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiMoogle View Post
    The long load to the map screen is annoying though.
    This is hands down my largest complaint about the game. How can so many other games of this style have instant map access and this one running on such powerful hardware be so slow at it?

  4. Played through this over the last week. I really liked it a lot but man the technical problems were embarrassingly bad. I played on an X and shit was freezing up for a few seconds a lot later in the game and the delay on opening the map was frustrating as well. They really should have pushed this out another month or so to really finish it.
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  5. My game started to slow so badly that eventually the sound broke. So I closed and restarted and now Ori falls and resets over an empty background until everything crashes. Just, they really weren't ready for this to go live.

    So it was a fun game that ay 61% total completion I might be done with forever.

  6. I didn’t play long enough to get to the memory leak issues. I got lost and just can’t be bothered to go back.
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  7. I recently got Game Pass and finally dived into the first game to try to finish it before checking out the sequel. There's a lot that I love about the first game but a lot of the super twitch difficult parts seem to clash with the things I like about the game. It DOES feel good when to finally nail the timing of that last jump, but I think it'd have felt even better to not have to retry it 50 times. I still like it but the more I play, the more I dislike. But it's got some great gameplay mechanics that I truly appreciate. The art is phenomenal of course.

  8. Are you playing the Definitive Edition or the original?
    I've only played the first half of the original, which had some challenging parts, but from what I've read the DE is a breeze.

  9. Hmm, I'm not sure. I just downloaded it from Game Pass. It did offer an easy mode at the start, I believe. Maybe that's what you're talking about. I think I chose the normal difficulty.


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