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Thread: Dragon Ball FighterZ (PC, PS4, One, Nintendo Switch)

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    the sweet e-sports money does strange things to people so I wouldn't stand by that statement too hard, besides its not as if people can't play both
    If Infinity is any good 3 will most likely be abandoned.

  2. Capcom picked a poor time to screw up Marvel.
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    Jesus fucking Christ

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    If Infinity is any good 3 will most likely be abandoned.
    3 was pretty much already finished, it's getting the swan song at evo this year and after that it'll be mvci all day erry day as far as the capcom marvel games and tournaments go

  5. I'm interested in this. DBZ 3 was a favorite growing up.

    I think it might have been the first import game I bought.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    Holy shit yes. Yes, and yes again!

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    Blog Entries
    This game is beautiful. The backgrounds are amazing. The ground takes damage, Goku deflected a ki blast that blew up a building, Buu did a damn super move that nuked the planet and transformed the background into a lava pit.
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    Putting these other fighting games to shame in the visual department, bah gawd.

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    One of the videos i saw. Freiza did his destructo disc attack. It came back. Got him. Took off his limbs. Than he did the desperation attack from the ground. The detail man. The details

  10. This game is fantastic. I'm not a serious competitive fighter and I can't speak to balance or any if that, but it is stupid fun to play, and so incredibly fast. I haven't loved a fighter like this in forever.


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