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Thread: Code Vein (PC, PS4, One)

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    Code Vein (PC, PS4, One)

  2. I am pretty underwhelmed by this.

  3. Anime Souls? I can get behind that.

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  4. Yeah it looks alright. It could go either way. I'll keep my eye on it.
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  5. I picked this game up for sale on the Black Friday PS4 shop for $35. Played it for a dozen hours or so. It's...good, I guess? It's frustratingly close to being great but it's got a bunch of things that hold it back - drab environments, some wonky hitboxes, not enough weapon variety in the early levels. The leveling system is pretty cool - just imagine Dark Souls crossed with Bravely Default and you get the idea. You can switch classes at any time and you don't have to manage stats at all, really. Leveling is really fast. Bosses are ok but have waaaay too much HP - I think they're weighted towards the assumption that you're going to play with an AI partner the entire time, but the game becomes ridiculously easy if you use one constantly.

    Try it if you like Souls stuff and can get it cheap.
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  6. I’m waiting for it to hit $20 and I’m in.
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    I’m waiting for it to hit $20 and I’m in.
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