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Thread: Monster Hunter World (PC, PS4, One)

  1. I was lukewarm on this at first, but after reading some of the press I am excited. I do hope this keeps the action game-style tension that has made the recent entries so much fun to play. Open worlds are nice, but the zones help make the game more intense and a struggle against the clock.

    Day/night changes should be interesting as well. I agree that the new tracking elements look great. I just hope it doesn't become too simmy.
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    I like what i see

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sleeve View Post
    Open worlds are nice, but the zones help make the game more intense and a struggle against the clock.
    I dunno. Not being able to simply zone to heal/sharpen should make things more intense. Getting knocked into a new zone/having to back off a monster because it moved near a zone boundary are pretty much the opposite of intense, too.

  4. Gaijinhunter live demo impressions. Mentioned Great Sword got a shoulder charge attack and a front flip slash. Dual blade has you reverse grip when entering demon mode, so that's going to be a lot more distinct visually. He also mentioned Long Sword getting the thrust attack that then has the hunter jumping way up into the air for an air attack/mount chance. I wonder if it's tied to the spirit gauge in some way. Would be crazy if they could spam it. Does the world need two Insect Glaives?

    Reviewed the gameplay footage. The new Long Sword thrust to high jump came where spirit slash 3 would normally go. It also flashed red indicating it was a spirit slash move itself. So now the question becomes...does LS get alternative finishers at every stage of Spirit Slash after 1, or is it just the thrust jump?
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    Official upload of the hands off multiplayer demo, Japanese. There's a full quest playthrough starting around 47 minutes, and it looks pretty good. Lots of little changes (details have been listed elsewhere on the internet) but in the end it's very monster hunter. Really looking forward to this.

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  6. This is perhaps my most anticipated game for next year. I'm going to have to get a PS+ subscription now.

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  8. I'm pretty sure I'd use for other games too.

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    I'm glad mine lapsed. It was really only useful for the discounts, and when there are so few exclusives, those don't matter. I'm kind of pissed at myself for not whacking it a year or two ago.


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