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Thread: Monster Hunter World (PC, PS4, One)

  1. Looks fantastic. Gunlance and LBG look great. I like Gunlance's new delayed detonation move.
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    IG and DB looks friggin insane. And that hammer move where it just bashes the monster in the head over and over again. i cant wait. i wonder how they volcano, swamp, and desert will look and feel. im so excited XD

  3. Wow, they made gunners feel fierce as hell. Everything looks so badass. Insect Glaive users gonna be playing "the floor is lava" all day.

    For me, the coolest thing was probably the Switch Axe's plunge attack that has you stick to the side of the monster while the elemental discharge goes off.

    I wonder if the the thing that procced that Long Sword super evade was early frame fade slash. Guessing that leads to late spirit attacks, maybe even directly to spirit finisher.

    What'd my mains get? Well, SnS had the upswing replaced with a shield swipe and the option for a aerial shield attack, plus the charge slash leading to an aerial leap now. Seems like they want KO to be easier for SnS. Gunlance can chain shots now, instead of having to shot>charged shot>shot. I wonder if charge shot is still in at all. The charge implant move was used after a full it doesn't use shells? Does full burst not use all shells?

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    Charge Blade Master Race

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by JBNagis View Post

    Charge Blade Master Race
    I'd like to be able to dispute that, but holy shit. Returning Ultra Discharge as a followup to shield thrust and retaining Ultra Discharge not consuming shield charge from Gen? Plus more mobility in sword mode, plus the ability to FURTHER charge your sword after a shield charge? You're free to play this weapon however the hell you want at any point in time you want and get good results. Crazy. You can ultra snipe again in sword, you can go ham in sword with the new sword charge, and of course simply going axe and chaining regular phial attacks/super sniping has always been great.

    I didn't even care that CB was OP in MH4U because seeing an actual master at work (y'know, someone who actually lands the freaking ultra and is getting consistent guard points) is such a joy.

  9. Switch Axe.
    I was curious if they were going to try and make axe mode more viable, but it seems like they're doubling down on sword mode being where you want to be with the new damage enhancing charge to fill up/expend on the grapple discharge.

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    Yeah. that grapple charge is crazy. im loving what im seeing. The only thing that woudl make CB pure heaven is if they gave us the explosion wave. but the one eruption is good for me. did you see the mantle video arekks made? il be using that glide mantle for sure.


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