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Thread: Monster Hunter World (PC, PS4, One)

  1. Yeah, the end of that video really showed what you could do with it. If you can use mantles with SnS while it's drawn you maaayyyyy be able to do the rising slash when stepping up onto a ledge, use your glide mantle, approach the monster, then air attack. Maybe. Might not be enough elevation.

  2. Gunlance. The new wyrmstake cannon is neat. Replenishes every time you do a full reload. It's especially interesting for normal type gunlance, since they typically snipe full burst opportunities, which can be a bit boring. So now they have a second attack to gun for if you don't have the time to full burst and another reason to reload. Makes me wonder if long and wide will also get wyrmstake cannon or something else.

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    Man that gunlance looks nice. I love my Charge blade and Hammer. but ill def be using every weapon. so far they all look pretty damn fun to use.....except lance. thats boring

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    Arreks has posted vids for HH, DB and IG. IG look legit insane. And it turn out there is a limit o how many times you can air dash. you have 2 chances. one is a airdash, one is a airdash with a attack at the end that will relaunch you up if you connect with it. ig looks fun. but i only use them on rathalos or anything else that likes to stay airborn.

    EDIT: Long Sword just went up


    Holy crap. GL quick reload now loads at least 4 shells. Probably all. So full reload is primarily for wyrmstake (plus any shells you may need reloaded).

  6. This is what I've been waiting for. New stuff from this video:

    Falling Bash doesn't just hit when it connects with the monster, the impact wave with the ground also seems to hit, too.

    New followup to the shield bash combo called hard bash.

    Seems like SnS can now change facing and attack at the same time after...certain?...all? moves with a change in animation. It's a turning slash followed by a thrust.

    SnS is going to have a pretty nasty KO sequence on fallen monsters. Advancing slash>short shield bash>shield attack>shield bash>hard bash>back hop>charged slash>rising slash>falling bash. Monster still not KOed and it's gotten up? Scatternut>scatternut>scatternut. Get a punish draw charm, find a hammerbro. Steal the KO. Cut tail during stun to rub salt in the wound.

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    i think the only weapons he hasnt done is HBG. and GS. now we just need to see the other zones and some new monsters. i hope it has a good special edition. i have to get it. oh and All DLC is free

  8. Great Sword changes:

    Charging seems to be quicker.
    Can now go straight from Charge Slash to Strong Charge Slash with no need to slap in between.
    Motion Values on Charge Slash/Strong Charge Slash seem a bit lower to compensate.
    New Shoulder Tackle move has super armor. Empowered by charge levels, though if there's any damage reduction from incoming attacks, it's hard to tell. Has a followup called Jumping Wide Slash that is empowered by charge levels, similar to how Strong Charge Slash charge levels increases the damage of Strong Wide Slash.
    New charge slash called True Charge Slash that can be done after Strong Charge Slash. No followups. Crazy damage.
    Completing a Strong Charge Slash reduces the amount of time need to attain a level 3 True Charge Slash.
    Shoulder tackle can be used to quickly get to the next tier of charge slash. Tackling after a roll seems to replace slapping after a roll. Tackle spam also seems to give GS a viable way to stun now.

    Now that we have a feel for all the blademaster weapons, I'm guessing I'll probably be focusing on crafting the same 4 weapon types I did in MH4U. SnS<GL<<CB/GS. I might add heavy bowgun or bow now that we don't have to make gunner specific armor.
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    Im definitely going to be using HBG a lot more. this looks great.

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