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Thread: Super Mario Odyssey (NS)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    I still hold Zelda as the bestest one. The gilding fell off this lily fairly quickly though. It's my fault, I shouldn't have spent so much time on the initial levels. Also, the boss battles (at least up to where I am now at Food Land) have been pretty dumb.
    Maybe a "spoiler" if you care about unlockable content being a surprise but one of the worlds that unlocks after you beat the game lets you revisit boss battles, and they're remixed and harder. These are the best boss fights in the game.

    This game has been a very good time waster, which is something the last few Marios weren't. They were over fairly quickly, and I didn't have a ton of interest in going back for stars once I finished them. So far I'm 25 hours and 430 stars in and there's no wall. I'm still unlocking stuff at a steady pace. Once I hit 500 and beat all the stages, I'm probably done though.

  2. I like the game a lot so far. Whether or not I'll like it more than Galaxy remains to be seen but I'm enjoying it more than 3D word, and I like really liked that game. I doubt I'll ever 100% this one as there's so much to collect but, who knows, maybe over time. I have too many games I'm excited about right now.
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  3. I finished the main story and basically i was lying when i said it wasn't great. Those last few worlds brought me around and added those +2 yossy IGN points. I think the only ones I didn't like were the ice world and mermaid world and I was fresh off those when I typed that nonsense.

    End game spoiler- the escape sequence with The Bows was REALLY COOL, but that was some Sonic-level stupid music at the end. Mario, rhyming "Odyssey" with "ya see" yossy was bad enough, we don't need 2 bad songs

  4. I got my 500 damn moons, and got to the last level and it is some 20 minute hell gauntlet with no checkpoints. I got about 3/4 through it and fell in lava and had to start over and I wanted to throw my controller.

  5. Did Mario say "WAHAHAHAAAAAA" like an asshole? I know he did, he fucking does that that piece of shit.

  6. I can see how if I binged this it might get dull, but playing an hour or two here and there as time is available it's actually holding up nicely. I'm up to 250-ish moons (probably more) and play it before bed most nights. Finding everything is going to take a good long time but no rush, no hurry. It's not going anywhere.

  7. I never complete most games to 100% so the casual moon getting is keeping me going now.

    I donít like the food level so far. These colours are driving me up the wall.

  8. 100% completed it earlier today.

    It's not BotW amazing, but fuck this is the new best 3D Mario.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Opaque View Post
    100% completed it earlier today.

    It's not BotW amazing, but fuck this is the new best 3D Mario.
    I think it's better than BotW but still not as good as Galaxy 2, personally.

    I'd say it's the frontrunner for Game of the Year for me right now although Persona 5 and Lone Echo are close.

  10. Yeah I liked it more than BotW too. I really gotta give Galaxy 2 a shot some day.

    The hell gauntlet in this isn't as good as 3D World's, though.


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