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Thread: Super Mario Odyssey (NS)

  1. This thing is just a lot of fun to move around in. Putting an after touch on hat throws and other motion stuff is fun. I wish I didnít have to be up for work in 6 hours.

  2. Here is my review:
    Feeling the zipping zippers, the dog...this is one of the GOAT.

  3. I've "Moon Get!" so many times I don't feel a thing any more.

    The pixelised versions of different costumes when you enter a 2D pipe are a nice touch.

    EDIT: Also, Nintendo really need fix their shit on online pricing, I want to go digital, but it would have cost me 80 dollaridoos if I went digital, it only cost me 62 dollaridoos for physical.
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  4. #44
    I've only ever played about five minutes of any Super Mario Galaxy, but wow they put a lot of stuff in this huh?
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  5. Played this for about an hour on the morning commute, through the boss of Tosterena.

    While I'm not a fan of the bizarre collage of art styles, and I liked the Galaxy/3D World Marios more than the classic 64/Sunshine games, but this game really is very good. I don't know if I like it better than Galaxy and 3D World, but it's better than having another one of those games right now. It succeeds in creating something fresh and modern that still feels like Mario. It makes a very good first impression.

  6. 1. If youíre that far in under an hour youíre either REALLY good or not spending much time exploring. Iíd collected 20 moons alone on Tosterena before I even went for the one that kicks that areaís story line off.
    2. I also really donít care for the mix of photo real and mario game art styles.
    3. It really is really good. One of my biggest complaints with Mario 64 was how it booted you out of the level every time you got a star. For some things, it makes sense, like beating the boss opening a new path in the level or whatever. But for collecting gold coins or red coins, there was no need to pop me back to the hub for that. I like how you can grab a moon and keep going. Then when you best the boss a bunch of new stuff opens up for more moons.

  7. Yeah, I wasn't going crazy out of my way to explore just yet. I had 15 moons when I left off, so I got some of the extras when I noticed them along the way, but I wasn't being thorough yet.

  8. I just got number 42 (so 57 in total). Iím trying to get #43. Itís that damn bird flying around the level. I waited for him on top of a cactus on one of the buildings in town, hit him with my hat when he got close and he spit out a moon. But he spit it too far away for me to be able to jump to it!

  9. finally got it. Had to go to a nearby building that was slightly taller, toss the hat out at a lower level and hold it there, climb to top of building, jump on hat, and use that to springboard to moon. Took a couple of tries, but was satisfying as frick when I reached it.
    #44 was corraling the dumb sheep.
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  10. Got the game yesterday and played up until the first few moons in Tostarena desert. Amazing game so far, love destroying stuff with the T-Rex, Cascade Kingdom is a perfect first major level to show off the sandbox quality of the game. Henchrabbits are really ugly designs, wish they used Koopalings instead. Otherwise game is fantastic so far.


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