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  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System

    13 39.39%
  • Sega Dreamcast

    15 45.45%
  • Sony PlayStation 2

    3 9.09%
  • I'm wrong and/or a fence riding pussy.

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Thread: Best Year One System Lineup

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    Best Year One System Lineup

    It has been proposed that the Switch "has like the strongest year one of any system ever lined up..." This was met with immediate derision. A tweet calling it "fake news" may even be imminent.

    So, what system (console or portable) had the best first year lineup? Let's use the US release date for consistency purposes.

    edit: Two of the contenders have been well documented.
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    Dreamcast, probably.

  3. Dreamcast or SNES.

  4. :/
    NeoGaf had this very same bullshit this week. I need lists.

    We can't even say it's the Switch since none of the games are even out. But it's probably not better than the DC.

  5. Dreamcast had such a killer launch and Year One, there's really no competing with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams View Post
    I need lists.
    The DC and PS2 lists are in the link edited into the first post. I found an incomplete SNES list that was compelling, but I'm also not sure it's accurate.

    edit: ok. Sort this on release date:

    The SNES officially launched nationwide on September 9, 1991, so everything up through DinoCity is fair game.

    Based on that, I have a really hard time not picking it over the DC and PS2. I never realized how front-loaded the SNES lineup was. Year two was terrible by comparison.
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  7. Best Year One System Lineup

    The games that came out in 2001 on PS2 were insane. GTA3, DMC, FFX, GT3, MGS2, ICO, Tony Hawk 3, Jak and Daxter, Silent Hill 2...

    I could double or triple this list with some SpoPadding.

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    The PS2 launch lineup was wretched, that is a hell of a list when you do the whole year.

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    I thought everything coming out for PS1 was really exciting during the first year, I don't know how much of it holds up but it was extremely solid at the time. I was renting more new releases than ever at that point, so that colors my perception of it.
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  10. If the contest was based on longevity, I'd seriously argue the Atari Jaguar.
    To this day I still play Tempest 2000.
    I don't play any of those other games listed for other system's year one.

    But for what's being asked, the PS2, no contention.


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