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Thread: Nex Machina (PC, PS4)

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    Nex Machina (PC, PS4)

    dog$ posted about this in the Random Gaming News thread, but I think Housemarque games deserve their own threads. It launched today on both Steam and PS4.

    I have no recollection of confusion regarding this and Matterfall.
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    Come on. We've both been here fifteen years, man.

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    Fixed. This thread was a cluster even before I credited the wrong guy. I might finally have it right.

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    From the initial plays I've had, I'm a bit concerned about the field of vision feeling pretty limited. I imagine the game's balanced appropriately around it, but I still think that this is something for which classic Robotron has the better way of handling things. By having the entire field visible at once, the sense of panic is easy to instill just by the sheer numbers of threats on screen, and you always have a clear read of your movement options.

    The direct flow of the stages from one into the next is very appreciated, though. Having practically no downtime between them is very refreshing.

  5. Absolutely fantastic twin-stick. I feel bad for Serious Sam's Bogus Journey coming out on the same day because the poor thing is going to get stomped.

    Eugene Jarvis' credit is "Creative Consultant", which is about as unhelpful as Executive Producer. I like to think he did more than give a stray pointer, but who knows?

  6. It's a twin stick shooter where you save humans, that's $$$ in the bank

    I have to check out this Serious Sam game I guess

  7. Not to go too off-topic, but Bogus Detour looks like this-

  8. Serious Sam games have always been bush league.

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    They're the Musou games of the ranged weapon genres, and that's not a compliment.

  10. On my first few plays, I tended to try rushing in to grab all the humans ASAP. Not the way to do it if you want the higher scores. Wait until the Human Combo time is low, then get one- but this does leave them at risk of getting killed.

    Laser is good, but the best subweapon IMO is the rocket launcher or the detonator. OTOH, I'm not feeling the Power Shot. Either you charge it fully or it won't fire.
    Dashing reminds me somewhat of Nier: Automata but with a bit of a cooldown (and decent offensive potential if you have Dash Explosion).

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