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Thread: What Are You Playing (Summer, 2017)?

  1. The new DKC games are incredible. They are what the genre would have been had Sony not snuffed the life out of it for 20 years. It's too bad that the dominant style of 2D games is shitty indie Metroid clones instead of games like DKCR.

  2. Tokyo Xanadu (Vita) : Got the LE, which includes a Blade card game deck with an included how-to-play card, a Morimaru plush, an artbook, a JDK CD soundtrack, and collector's box. Aksys' US version is not dubbed; the Japanese voiceovers from the original are kept. That's fine with me. I started this one on Hard.
    It takes a little while to get to the first action scene, kinda similar to Trails of Cold Steel there. TX takes place in Morimiya City, a fictional Tokyo suburb based on Tachikawa City. Books Orion, an actual Tachikawa City bookstore, has lent its permission to be used in the game.

    Combat feels different than Ys or even Xanadu Next. Locking-on to an enemy is possible. So far the framerate looks good for the Vita (I'd guess a stable 30 FPS) and I haven't noticed any dips. There is a combo counter that racks up hits on monsters, and it can be kept alive by smashing objects. Enemies are called "Greeds" and have a weakness to certain elements (i.e. Fire, Wind, Steel, Spirit, Shadow). Like the later Ys games there is an "Element Kill" system. When the evade button is held, you'll dash.
    The scenes taking place in town and around the high school do have a Trails of Cold Steel flow to them complete with "Free Time", only in a more realistic urban Japan setting. One of the teachers is named Towa (no, not Towa Herschel, though the resemblance is uncanny).
    At the end of a dungeon, points are scored based on several things such as total kills, Element Kill percent, objects smashed, max combo, clear time, and not taking damage. Scoring higher helps raise the Courage stat.

    I will double-dip on this when the eX+ version hits PC.
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  3. I yanked the notoriously leaky cap from my original Xbox today and plucked a game at random to test it: Freedom Fighters.

    Man, this game really holds up. It might even be better today than it was in 2003 after ten years of shooting gallery FPSes. It's challenging even on the default difficulty and still looks pretty good in 720p.

    I really hope this one makes the backwards compatibility list.

  4. I tried to locate a replacement cap for my original Xbox when I was at Fry's a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't find an exact match.

    I've been playing Star Craft: The Brood Wars through Battlenet. I tried playing my disc copy on my older Q9650 rig, but the display drivers are jacked up. There are strange graphical glitches that happen when running the game under the GeForce drivers.

  5. You can just take the cap out and leave it out if you don't mind seeing the clock every time you power the system up.

  6. I think you can do that with any of them except a v1.06 they used a different cap and made it so it had to be there. I think that's the only model that requires the cap to be there to work. I did the same to mine last weekend, pulled it and finally swapped in a bigger hard drive. I had soft modded it a few weeks back and after putting in the new hard drive I ripped my entire Xbox collection to it.
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  7. Mass Effect Andromeda (PC) - Currently on Voeld.
    Serious Sam HD: TSE (PC) - Got past The Mad Marsh Hopper Swarm at Oasis without the rocket-jump cheese.
    Tokyo Xanadu (Vita) - Chapter 3. Yet another great Falcom title. The combat system is wonderful, and the flying attack skill is also useful for getting by gaps that a jump alone can't clear. If Cold Steel's dungeons used real-time combat rather than turn based, it would be sort of like this.
    Tekken 6 (360) - Using Xbox One to play it. Quite far along in the scenario mode.

    It's good seeing Daytona & Tekken 6/Tag 2 on the XO BC list. I'd like to see Sega relicense After Burner Climax & Out Run 2/2006 C2C (not Out Run Online Arcade, which is only a partial conversion of SP, while C2C has both courses)- even if it's for a limited time only. Spikeout would be nice also.

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  8. #108
    Ninja Gaiden on the nes.

    Got to the two gargoyles.

    The problem with these cheap fuck games is you're tired by the end.

    Also, fuck Mr glue ninja. Fucker just sticks to walls and let's fucks hit him.

  9. Oh come now, they aren't that bad.

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  10. Those god damned eagles are the true boss of the game.
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