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Thread: What Are You Playing (Summer, 2017)?

  1. Umm....picture a version of those kinds of stories told by the team that made Saints Row 3 & 4.

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    Point taken.

  3. I'm playing Mayhem as well, put a few hours in yesterday and I'm kind of agreed. It's ok. The open world is just kind of boring, I feel like it would be better as a level based game. Plus the lack of music while wandering the open world is brutal.
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  4. I'm also playing Agents of Mayhem. It's a really fun game, and I enjoy switching between the characters on the fly. The GI Joe parody is right on the money, right down to the ridiculous character names. That being said, so far the game is nowhere near as funny or inventive with it's environments, as SR4 was. I've only played about two hours of it, so maybe those aspects will get better. Seems like a solid 7 out of 10 type game for me. Pribably a solid buy at $20.

    I'm also playing Panzer Dragoon Saga. After years of having the Saturn, and not having any good games for it because there so damn expensive, I decided to go big or go home. The other Saturn games won't dent my wallet this badly. Lol. I'm on disc 2 right now and I'm really impressed with the battle system. For being turn based, the ability to fly around the enemies to find their weak spot or to defend yourself is a novel concept that keeps the pace moving and the battles fresh. I haven't seen a battle system quite like this before. Overworld exploration is fun as well. It's basically like having an airship from the very beginning, instead of waiting 30 hours oike most RPGs.

    My only complaints are that the on foot sections, in town, are ugly as hell and Edge is a painfully slow walker. Lol. The game also seems like it's a little too easy so far.

  5. PDS is really amazing, too bad the game is so short.

  6. Yeah, I agree that it's amazing so far. As long as I remind myself that it was made in the late 90s, and the Saturn wasn't much of a 3D powerhouse, I can overlook the visual shortcomings. Now that I have this one though, I won't feel so bad about spending $100+ on other Saturn least I got this beast of a price tag out of the way. I don't think I'll ever buy another game in this price range.

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    Or you could get a modded action replay and burn baby burn.

  8. Started Forza Horizon 3 again. The Hot Wheels XP is so rad

  9. Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    Or you could get a modded action replay and burn baby burn.
    Burn copies have inferior graphics and glitchy gameplay.

  10. Telltale games have been one of my big gaming blind spots. I have a bunch of them from various Humble Bundles, but just never got around to any of them. I just played (that's a pretty generous term) the first episode of GoT and... I've always heard their games were janky, I wasn't expecting a whole ton, but this was way, way worse than I could have imagined. I thought these were supposed to be adventure games, by the way?

    I was pretty bewildered at the complete lack of gameplay.

    And it looks terrible. At first I thought I might have some weird settings enabled, but video settings are pretty much nonexistent. Texture quality was set to "high"... I thought my installation may have been corrupted or something but that just doesn't make sense. This doesn't look in any way presentable. It doesn't look anything other than broken.

    Maybe it will change gears. Maybe there will be some sort of gameplay introduced at some point in the series. I'm sure it will suck. The camera angles so far suck. The animations all suck. The mouse tracking sucks. The constant prompts informing you that the dude who's going to die five seconds into the future IS GOING TO REMEMBER THAT suck. The voice acting all feels flat and uninspired. It sucks. And when you strip all of that away the story up to this point just feels like some lame fanfic.

    I'll keep playing it. Watching it. Whatever. Mostly just so I can say that I did next time Telltale comes up in a conversation and I start talking shit again.

    And who knows, maybe something will drastically change in the next episodes and my outlook will improve. I'm not counting on it, though.
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