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Thread: What Are You Playing (Summer, 2017)?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Finch View Post
    What's your time worth
    I'd much rather spend my time building a computer (2 hours at most) than wasting it watching something like Game of Thrones on television. There's a sense of accomplishment and ownership to building your own PC.

  2. It's too bad that PCs are boring.
    Speaking of a game I caught SOMEONE HERE saying is boring, I'm playing Ever Oasis. It's cute and reminds me of old portable action rpgs like Final Fantasy Adventure. Compass would probably at least think it's cute but Arobimi would probably have a lot of mean things to say about it.

  3. I heard Ever Oasis was pretty meh. I'll grab it when it's $10.
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

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    Dishonored 2 - As with a few on this list, Steam Summer Sale got me to pull the trigger on several games I'd had on the wishlist. This is my favorite so far. Started a Corvo Hard Clean Hands Ghost run, and was very tempted to not use powers but I'll save that for a later run. Crafting bone charms is an interesting idea, there certainly are a lot of them to find and destroy. Lots of shit to collect and read in general, which I like. I like the direction they took with the character models, they retain some of the style of the original which I always enjoyed. Game looks great, and the levels so far have been very clever in their construction and execution. I'm through the third mission and very excited to continue.

    Dead Cells - Just started this, really liking the whole thing so far. Movement feels great and the visual style is vibrant and fun.

    Hollow Knight - I'm still early in this as well, but this game is beautiful and plays buttery smooth. Reminds me a little or Ori and the Blind Forest. I'm not entirely sure where I'm supposed to be going, and that's ok cuz splorin' is fun.

    Bridge Constructor (series) - These games are a lot of fun and I can't explain why. They just scratch an itch. Recently tried the Trains version, also lots of fun but damn that big one is heavy!

    Skyrim - Still going through all of this. Recently finished building my house and furnishing several rooms, killed an emperor for the Dark Brotherhood, and started doing the Deadric quests again.

    Picross 3D Round 2 - Just finished puzzle #330, I thought I was finished at 250 so I have no idea when it will end and I hope it never does. This would be the main reason I would start getting Amiibos.

    Endless Space 2 - Recently finished the first game and a buddy gifted me the second so I could teach it to him. Well I tried jumping in and I was able to get a grip on some stuff but it's definitely more in depth than the previous game, which I spent 3 hours in tutorials for to even begin. But what I've played seems good so far, so I will get into it and get better. The default game had me against 1 CPU in the first ES, this second one started me out against 7. I was at war within 5 turns!

    Tekken 7 - Despite not being #TeamTekken, I still like Korly so I bought the game. First character I chose was Akuma. Man, I suck at this game. But it's pretty, and I can tell things work well and as they should. After Akuma I started playing Gigas because he's the biggest one and has a command throw, and then whatever the busty lady's name is. I feel I have to go into the training mode and look through the list of 95 moves before I can even try a new person, which means this game is going to take forever. But Treasure Battle is fun, and online is smooth.

    World of Guns: Gun Disassembly - I'm not a gun guy, but I like taking things apart and seeing how they work, so this "game" is great for that. The list of guns is impressive, and the higher difficulty ones are way out of my league right now but it's a fun diversion for a while. I feel like this game was made for Cheeks.

    Lucius - You get to play the son of Satan in the 70's and kill people as a child. The first and second game were like $3 together, decided to give it a shot. It's dumb, but endearing in it's own way.

    Plague Inc: Evolved - Got totally sucked into this. You make a virus/bacteria/disease and unleash it on the world, mutating it to avoid detection and increase it's spread, trying to kill the entire planet. I've come SO CLOSE on two occasions. The last time I had infected every living person on earth but they weren't dying off fast enough, so a cure was developed with about a third of the overall population left. I'll get there.

    There's more but this took way too long to type. Also probably to read. My bad.

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    I feel like you're too focused. Diversify a little bit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pineapple View Post
    Started a Corvo Hard Clean Hands Ghost run, and was very tempted to not use powers but I'll save that for a later run.
    Don't be a wuss.

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    Oh I also started that TT Batman game since it was on sale and you gave it good marks. So far I'm digging it, although I should have decided how I wanted to act towards everyone before the QTEs dialogues started.

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    I actually like reacting rather than planning in those.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    I'm just being obnoxious and wanted to segue into talking about a game that maybe 1 or 2 other people here would like anyway

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Finch View Post
    I'm just being obnoxious and wanted to segue into talking about a game that maybe 1 or 2 other people here would like anyway
    It looked interesting, but I still need to get DQ7 and 8 first. Too many RPGs.


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