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Thread: Pinball FX3 (PC, PS4, One)

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    Pinball FX3 (PC, PS4, One)

    I'm leery of this on PC, as I don't see too many ways it could improve on FX2. If all the DLC tables aren't compatible, like they aren't with the VR version, I'll pass.

  2. I don't see anything there but a new number. I mean sure, no complaints at new tables, but I don't quite get the point of this.

    Yoshi- have you checked out Zaccaria Pinball yet? The VR makes it hard to go back to playing PC pinball any other way.

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    No, but thanks for the tip.

  4. If they excise 3DTV support for this "upgrade" I'mma be pissed.

    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    I don't see anything there but a new number. I mean sure, no complaints at new tables, but I don't quite get the point of this.
    New tables is probably most of the point. Zen's original tables sold as individual DLC probably sell middling numbers next to new tables bundled as a platform update, especially now that there's a ton of IP-licensed tables stealing their thunder.

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    I can't remember where I saw it, but the focus is on multiplayer, which I couldn't care less about. The upside is that existing DLC will be compatible. I'll post the link if I can find it.

    edit: Found it.

    Quote Originally Posted by RPS
    Along with a bunch of single-player modes and challenges, FX3 will let players create their own tournaments, duke it out in multiplayer matches and try their hand at constantly refreshing score-based objectives.

    “Pinball FX3 is a milestone step forward for players on console and PC, and I am excited that many of our new features are suggestions from the community,” says Mel Kirk, VP of publishing. “We remain 100 percent committed to providing our players with an exceptional value, allowing them to bring their collection forward with them as we can all enjoy a host of new features and upgrades together from day one.”

    Returning tables have received a graphical update, and three new tables from a new IP partner — to be announced at a later date — will make their way into the game. Conveniently, the majority of purchases made in Pinball FX2 and Zen Pinball 2 will also transfer over to FX3.
    I'm always excited about new IP partners. It's the main reason I enjoy these fake tables as much or more than the real ones in Pinball Arcade.
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  6. Looks like the new IP partner mentioned was Universal.

    Announcing Universal Classics Pinball™, coming soon for Pinball FX3 and Zen Pinball! Relive exciting moments from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial™, Back to the Future™ and Jaws™ in this amazing three table pack!
    Had my hopes up for some Universal Monsters tables as I first started reading that sentence. Bugger.

    BTTF and Jaws are pretty cool, but get ET the fuck out and tag in Jurassic Park, pls.


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