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Thread: The Golf Club 2 (Xbone, PS4, PC)

  1. The Golf Club 2 (Xbone, PS4, PC)

    If you like golf games, there really isnít anything better than The Golf Club. My uncle and I play this almost nightly, and with the additions of societies, we created one on the Xbone. It does look like you can be a member at multiple ones, so if you have the game on Xbone, and want to join, itís Danger Zone.

  2. I'd get it if there was an option for timed meter shot control.

  3. Using the sticks to swing feels way better and far more natural than just timing button presses. And with the inclusion of different club sets, you can really ramp up the difficulty/reward.

  4. I heard the same thing about tiger woods, and I hated those games.

  5. So did I. I guess there isnít a demo for either 1 or 2. Would have been nice if they put one out. A little 9 hole demo or something.

  6. How much better is 2 over 1? I'm going PC again

  7. If you want to give it a try on consoles, Walmart usually has the first one for $12.88.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams View Post
    How much better is 2 over 1? I'm going PC again
    Itís a pretty nice improvement overall. They tuned up the gameplay a bit. The major changes Nicole swing tempo and three different Clib levels (Standard, Player, and Tour). Standard is far more forgiving, but has the shortest distance, while pro has the lax distance, but you have to have incredibly precise swing motions. They also added a backswing and downswing tempo that can determine the path and distance of the ball and also becomes more difficult withe the player and pro clubs.

    Another nice new feature is the ability to swap out clubs. You can get rid of clubs you feel you never use, and if you know a course well enough, you can build your set around it. Graphics are improved, and while they were never the games atronhest feature, the new waterfalls look pretty awesome. Societies are ok, hey have several official ones you can join and play in tournaments that can be pretty fun. The UI has had a nice overhaul, but can still be a bit clunky. It is still a little difficult to ďplayĒ with friends, and there are some early server issues going on where your friends get dropped and you constantly have to keep adding them as a rival, but Iím sure that will get taken care of quickly enough.

    Overall, I am really enjoying it all, and it is a nice jump in challenge. I wish there was a way to add friends in the game itself so you could ďplayĒ friends live or at least with their ghost no matter what platform they are on.


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