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Thread: This Month's Haul: Murica's Bday Edition

  1. I was at TRU today and impulse-bought these two guys. I had a rewards coupon, and they were actually cheaper here than when I saw them a few weeks ago in San Antonio-something that almost never happens. I saw Hulk on Amazon and will be getting him next month for my birthday.

  2. Local game store posted on FB that someone brought in a mess of those Neo Geo Pocket Color game packs that were kicking around a couple years after the system's death, dropped in for a look. They wanted lol money for the blistered game multipacks and system + games multipacks, but they got in a bunch of singles to pick through, too. Grabbed Metal Slug 1st Mission and Pac-Man.

    Also left with a nice complete copy of Fighting Vipers, because hey why not.

  3. Pretty awesome last month, will post on that later. Today's pawn haul at $10 apiece:


    Same place last week I found Horizon Zero Dawn for $10 as well.

  4. Pawn shops have the best deals on video games.

  5. I used to love Fighting Vipers, such a ridiculous and ugly game.

  6. I traded in my copy of Fighting Vipers for credit towards the purchase of a Dreamcast. I don't regret that decision.

  7. Charlie Brown!

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    No dogs allowed.

  9. I have never bought 2 new consoles on the same day until today. Although, technically, the Switch is not for me.

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    Some of my favorite games are the ones where a well known franchise takes on the distinct look of the platform, and this is a perfect example.
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