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Thread: Splatoon 2 (NS)

  1. It's called "ranked" but it has its own value besides "git gud". If you get tired of everything else it's worth trying (and even if you don't).

  2. So, is anybody playing this and I wonder how people are liking it?

    It took playing through the single player and a dozen or so hours of multiplayer, but I've finally fallen in love with this game despite not being totally satisfied with it.

    Biggest complaints are:
    - The stages are a bit too small in general, could use a lot more imagination, and are too few.
    - Matchmaking system doesn't feel very good. I guess it's not the games fault that I don't know other people who play, but the high chances of getting dragged down into humiliating defeat by some random noobs assigned to your team is frustrating.
    - Single player had cool ideas, so I'd like to see it fleshed out more. I think there were just one or two levels where I was 100% feeling it, but the potential is there.

    In the end though, the mechanics and design make it fun enough to keep pulling me back in. It really feels like a case of this getting rushed in development and falling short of a normal sequel upgrade, but I still love it.

  3. Team Flight soaring through the skies.

  4. I'm amazed Team Fantasy won the Splatfest, as it felt like many of my matches on Saturday featured teams getting trounced by Team Sci-Fi.

  5. Splatfest is going on now. Love vs Money. I thought I'd be in the minority when picking love, but alas, I've played 20 or so matches against my own team. None against team Money. Sucks.

    The new shifty station map is REALLY good though. It has ink cannons you can man. One big one in the middle too. Pretty awesome. They just need some better splatfest themes. Autobots Vs Decepticons was a great one in the first one.


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