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Thread: Sega World Drivers Championship (Arcade, Hardware TBD)

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    Arcade Sega World Drivers Championship (Arcade, Hardware TBD)

    Official Site

    I wish Daytona 3 would have used this tech, but I'll take it.

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    Will I be able to Go Kicky Fast Ok?

  3. That looks very realistic, especially the pit crew.

  4. Realtime Fully Rendered Hugging PhysX

  5. Are there any actual images/video of the game?

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  7. It's hard to tell from the video if this really looks any better (it may play better) than the latest Forza or GT.

  8. Well depends on what you mean by "looks better than" because by most metrics, the answer would almost certainly be no.

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    As soon as there was a Sega logo on it, it looked better than that carbie dress up crap.


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