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Thread: This Month's Haul: August is too damn hot edition.

  1. Walmart is doing their summer clearance on Lego. Got a number of Ninjago sets for the boys, a couple of the Lego Batman Movie sets dropped to a reasonable price, the Scuttler and Killer Croc sets are $30 in many places.

  2. A couple of card games I Kickstarter'd came in: Pretending to Grownup and Drinking Quest (an older game that was a cheap add-on). The former is entirely about bluffing and squabbling, the latter has you chugging beers on a failed roll. I'm down.

    ...and the first 2 generations of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on Bluray. Finally, a reasonably priced anime Bluray set with the same quality as the Japanese releases! Redrawn/uncensored scenes and licensed music all included!

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    The Retropie is cool and all, but I've been wanting some good way of playing my actual carts on my HDTV without using a messy upscaler setup. I got a Retro Freak in today (the Japanese system that's like a Retron 5 but takes a dozen different types of carts) and I'm putting it through the paces. It's neat but I'm not really to give it the thumbs up yet.

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    I'm getting close to all the motherboards I want at least. The carts are a different story.
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  5. My computer parts came in, long night ahead.
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  6. Fun
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  7. Oh yeah. Building a new computer is a pretty cool experience.

  8. Everything is up and running. Frog gave me Sonic Racing and it looks great!

  9. Bought a 4k lg oled tv this week. It's very sexy. Wanted to go 65" but it was $1000 more than the 55" I went with.
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  10. Nice, how much is that 55"?


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