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    pokemon cards

    My nephew loves his cards and I'm always happy to be excited with him when he shows them to me over facetime. I'm visiting next month, and he asked me to bring mine. Of course I said yes, even though I don't own any.

    Anyone have old cards you don't want, and wouldn't mind sending me? They can be the most common crap ever. I'll bring them along and give them to my nephew at the end of the trip, so they will go to a loving home. I'll pay shipping, and maybe cost of the cards if it's not too much. Nothing too special please, don't want anything to be wasted.

    edit: Ebayed some, all set.
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  2. Check your local fb yard sale page, parents usually letting them go in bulk for nothing.

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    Good idea, will do. There are plenty of listings on amazon and ebay for junk too that I'm looking at.
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  4. Bring him Pokken!
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    if they were yugeehoe(sp?) I could help you out. I had a college friend that would love to get anything for those.

  6. I had to lol at yugeehoe

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    buttplant's mom is a yugeehoe.


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