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Thread: UFO 50

  1. A friend of mine has never messed with any game development stuff was looking into an engine to use for a small 2D project of his own. I haven't used GM in like a decade so I was kinda hesitant to suggest it to him, but it's probably the way to go.

    Does GM have nice ways to organize code these days? I remember being annoyed at the lack of autocomplete in the editor and that the only real organization that was analogous to having separate files was to stick code in separate snippet entries. Those are minor hangups, though, and I'm guessing the screen stuttering issues I used to have are long gone.
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  2. GM is a lot more advanced these days, while retaining the ease of use that drew me to it in the first place. It has auto complete (even for your own functions) and the color coding in the code editor is quite nice. I can't really speak to the class organization stuff as I'm only familiar with GML. GM objects can have parent, grandparent objects etc. that inherit from each other.

    I hadn't used it in about ten years either, just came back about two months ago. Back in the day I would get massive framerate problems with vsync on, and crazy screen tearing with it off. That's gone now. GMS 1.4 is also in a humble bundle at the "pay what you want" tier at the moment, and that version is eligible to upgrade to GMS 2.
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  3. Speaking of Game Maker, is that humble bundle worth getting?

  4. Do you want Game Maker? Then yes. It makes GMS 1.4 basically free, and the mobile exports $15. I got it for the cheap exports even though I had GMS already.

  5. This game is still looking super cool. I really can't wait to play/look at some of these.

    Also Frog, that filter is out.

    $9, down from $15 which I thought was a bit much. It seems to do a hell of a lot though.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by cigsthecat View Post
    ...Also Frog, that filter is out.

    Probably a dumb question, but why do the effects get progressively darker (scanlines -> dot matrix -> rgb)?


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