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Thread: Tempest 4000 (PC, PS4, XBOne)

  1. Llamasoft Twitter with Tempest 4000 game play

    T4K looks quite similar to TxK, but with different BGM (Tempest 2000 "Mind's Eye") and sound FX. Levels appear to be the same sequence, but with new names. The parodies of Eat Electric Death (Tease Electric Dogs, Eat Rejected Bread, and others) don't seem to be in, but oh well. We're getting this after all.
    Sure looks like Atari has woken up. Hopefully we'll see more collaborations like this.

    Day one.

    Finished in 2017: 26 games (AC: 3, PC: 18, PS4: 5)
    Finished in 2018: 7 games (AC: 4, PC: 2, PS4: 1)

  2. The lost music is getting restored to Tempest 4000, and it's the in-game version that would have been used rather than the less-punchy soundtrack versions.

  3. oooooh, that jam at :50 fam.

    Edit: Fuck it, all of the music after :50


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