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Thread: 2017 NFL Season

  1. For two weeks Iíve been hearing that the 2000 Ravens D is back. Then Blake Bortles stepped on the field and carved them up like a turkey.

  2. The Bears losing by 4 would be fantastic.
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  3. It's basketball season now

  4. Yeah they are terrible. That Oline is worse than Green Bay. Yikes.
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  5. The D just got gassed in that heat and Tennessee ran over them in the second half. Also, I'm tired of Sherman's crying. You cost your team three points and probably more losing your cool.

    Next time the line fails to account for a DE on the line of scrimmage they should get cut. It's not a corner blitz, Jesus.

    Bumble ass
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  6. This Dallas offense is very predictable.

  7. Lawrence has been in beast mode these 1st three games.

    Where was that Jumbo package last week?
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  8. What a play!

  9. This sport needs more virtue signaling, I can't even see them in the NFL youtube highlights.

  10. People around here complain that the Packers are wasting Rodgers talent but goddamn have the Saints squandered Drew Brees by not giving him any help.
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