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Thread: 2017 NFL Season

  1. I don't disagree, but the owners clearly like him because money is pouring in. They rather keep him than bring in another guy. Whatever, he is a clown and I hope the players are willing to strike for an extended period of time to change the CBA and god forbid guaranteed contracts.

  2. Again, there is no link between the money pouring in and Roger Goodell. Anyone could have done that. If the owners like him it is for different reasons.

    Guaranteed contracts are not coming to the NFL. The discussions will likely be over percentage (as it always is), player discipline, and preseason games. Players have shown little ability to handle not getting those game checks and I don't expect that to change.

  3. It is too bad, players are too dumb/fragmented to do what is best for them long term.

    I disagree with the money part, owners really only give a shit about that one thing. They clearly doesn't care that he has no credibility and no rational fans like him. The way he mishandled Rice/Brady are publicity nightmares, yet he gets a raise and a new contract. People will pay to watch these shitty games, and he gets rewarded.
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  4. Bob Kraft certainly has no love for him.

    Jerry Jones was the catalyst for marketing the NFL and challenging the league over how and when it was shared revenue. That's why he is in the HOF.

  5. Bob Kraft supports Goddell, don't let his pandering to fan BS cloud you.

  6. Bob Kraft does what is good for the NFL. He was the one that stepped in and helped the NFL negotiate the collective bargaining agreement, when Goodell and company couldn't get it done. I think that it is more Goodell kissing Kraft's ass that gives the impression of Kraft being good friends with him.

  7. 2017 NFL Season

    I don't think Kraft is a fan of Goodell anymore but it's a business relationship in the end. You don't have to love the people you work with. Would Bob go to bat for Rog if something went down? Probably less likely than it was a few years ago.

  8. So the Chargers just fired an equipment manager who had worked with the team for 38 years, who had just moved up with the team to LA, and they waited until training camp had ended.

    It's getting hard to like this league. It's bad enough when they do it to players, but this is just bullshit.

  9. What was the reason to fire the guy? Was he deflating footballs?

  10. Heh. No reason given.


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