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Thread: 2017 NFL Season

  1. He took Dungy's team to a Super Bowl and has been riding that Golden gift ever since.

    I like Chuckie, but I don't see how he could do any better than he did during his previous tenure with the Raiders.
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  2. Pretty sure he's just "WOOOOO 100 Million Baby!" right now.

  3. Where the fuck is Yoshi? Havenít read a Fraudlanta post all season.

  4. I feel Yoshi has decided to retire.

  5. Still no fly Eagles fly bullshit either. Must be scared of jinxing them.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    Where the fuck is Yoshi? Havenít read a Fraudlanta post all season.
    He left the site around September the year before, as he did this last year. He'll probably show back up around E3.

    Cheebs and Brettmatic haven't posted here an over a year. We may never hear from them again.
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  7. Stop the fucking bullshit refs!

    The Decker push off was horseshit, and then the neutral zone infraction that didn't happen giving New England a free 1st down.

  8. I haven't watched football this year. Are there still teams other than New England?

  9. Refs made titans call twenty five time outs and go for it on fourth.

  10. Patriots are Trump fans, that is not America's Team


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