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Thread: 2017 NFL Season

  1. Stafford highest pay player ever @27mm/yr.

  2. I see Stafford at least twice a year. He’s pretty good. Not 27mil good though. Rodgers next contract should be retarded now. Great......
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  3. He took the my team is going to suck salary.

  4. The Houston Texans decided to cancel their game against Dallas, so they could head home. I don't think that heading back to Houston was a great idea.

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    This Ezekiel Elliott nonsense is the NFL's Ilya Kovalchuk decision for me. I have kept quiet about it, but as facts and allegations emerge, it's time for me to stop supporting this bullshit league. When you pair it with the uncapped capped year penalties, it's an even easier decision. The only positive thing about it at all is that Elliott's legal team beat the league to the lawsuit, removing the advantage the league had against Brady. The worst case is that this completely embarrasses the league and Goodell personally and publicly exposes the "personal conduct policy" for the politically correct witch hunt that it is. I'll take it on my way out the door.

    edit: I can't wait to hear how Goodell respected and protected women by ignoring the advice of his own female lead investigator, who recommended no punishment, because she didn't believe the "victim."
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  6. If someone told me one of the quarterbacks tonight would have 2 touchdown strikes of over 75 yards, I wouldn't have thought it was Alex Smith.

  7. I knew he was a game manager type QB but that graphic showing he only has one more 300 yard passing game than Trent Dilfer did kinda shocks me. But also doesn't.

    edit: that shot of Brady on the bench drinking water. "Yup....5 rings and a supermodel. what you fuckers got..."
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  8. The Chiefs are winning the war of attrition.

  9. on to New Orleans

    chefs cooking up an upset special

  10. It could get ugly for New England if Hightower has a serious injury.


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