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Thread: 2017 NFL Season

  1. everyone forgot already, it's FA time

  2. Congrats dude. Enjoy it.

  3. Jets are going to jets.

  4. Indy appreciates the Jets bumbling ways.

  5. This video is quite interesting about the Pats season, and the Super Bowl loss.

  6. So Dez Bryant was released by the Cowboys and let it be known that he would play for the G-Men. Yesterday Brandon Marshall tweeted something like "Sorry man no room."

    Today Brandon Marshall was cut. Man. Cut throat business.

  7. Sorry Brandon, you've got to put up the numbers, or you'll end up on the market like Dez.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Gruden coaching again has diaster written all over it. I hope I am wrong though.
    Took almost 4 years but it finally happened, Gruden resigned as a raging racist.

  9. I can't believe that he had sent such a stupid message to someone. His NFL career is done, even in the broadcast booth.

  10. Former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion "The Barbarian" Barber was found dead in his apartment. He was a fan favorite for many years here in Dallas. It sounds like he was having a lot of mental issues, for several years leading up to his death. It certainly appears that he may have been suffering from CTE.


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