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Thread: Small-Press Games

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    I guess I'm weird because I still actively like playing video games. Having games around is a side effect of that, not the other way around. I've seen plenty of examples of the Chris Kohler effect where you need to have that sealed SNES Pagemaster boiiii but the second you touch a game you turn into a retard and can't even beat a single level in Ducktales. Or people like Jeremy Parish who are fascinated by the concept of video games but seem to actively dislike the act of playing them.

    I only buy games when I can get a good deal on them, I only keep the good ones, and I'm good knowing I'll never own every game.

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    I kind of understand it. If I had all the moneys, I would own every original transformer. I fucking love those things to this day. I used to look in the sears catalog at them. I used to keep the little fold out that had them all on it and dream of their majesty.

    I think there is a sizable number of people who did the same thing to game mags. They probably went over every issue, dreaming of the games. They looked at the toysrus toy run with sexual bliss. Man oh man if they could just own every game too...

    Also, I think a lot of times it starts out innocent enough, like they want to own the release year of their favorite system. Then they find some rare game in a pawn and get a rush, then their hooked. Next thing they know, they're buying 100 game lots from japan.

    Even if they come to their senses, it probably won't help prices on the rares. Sure, shit like zelda and mario will go back into the market because those games really should out number working systems. But earth bound? Chronological trigger? Those tend to be keepers even if people cool their tits on owning all 5he games.
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  5. You made an edit but missed Chronological trigger?

  6. I buy a sealed copy of Chronological Trigger.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater View Post
    I wonder when the epidemic of broken cartridges will occur (it's already a gamble for magnetic media). When I moved to a much smaller place earlier this year, I also downsized collection by hundreds of games. I didn't have time to test everything but I tried a lot and I noticed some early '80s cartridges had stopped working.

    Also, red label Genesis cartridge stickers are getting that splotchy glue deteriorating look like old Activision games get.
    I have 30 year old C64 and Amiga games that still work. I've only had a couple die on me, and that was more of an issue with the game saves destroying the data on the disks.

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    Most of the cartridges I've seen die were due to corrosion, but the mask ROMs theoretically should die at some point. NES carts stored well will probably outlive PS1 CDs (and most of us.)

  9. I'm considering selling off my huge CiB gb/gbc/gba/ds collection next year at the Midwest Classic. They've mostly just sat on a shelf for the past 6-12 years and like SSJN said, the hunt was more fun for me than the games themselves most of the time.

    Ninja Five-O will be the hardest to part with, I love the game (& paid retail on release day) but it's worth too much to hold onto for me. I'll still keep a couple systems and a handful of carts. If I can keep the entire collection in a shoe box then it will be plenty for my passing desires to play them down the road and I can just tuck it into a closet and forget about them the rest of the time.

  10. I feel like on most of those, you could probably make nearly as much bank by selling the boxes and manuals and just keeping the game for yourself.

    Finding the carts isn't the problem for GB collectors.


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