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Thread: Small-Press Games

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    No. I am a nerd. I need it to look just like the one I had and it needs to match the other games.

    *autistic screaming*

  2. The unannounced game to which the cases are tied has to be Sonic Mania, doesn't it?

  3. That would be my guess.

  4. These days, I'd rather have an artbook for a game than a physical version of a download-only game. If I want a hardcopy of it, it's not just to put on a shelf somewhere that I'll never look at. Except in times that I notice "Good grief, I have so many damned PS4 games I don't play!"

    I really don't think there's anything cool about stacks of games on your shelves that you'll probably never play again for years. Nostalgia's great, but it's kind of a waste of space. Honestly, who is impressed by that stuff??

    I'm feeling mixed about it since years and years of games aren't doing much except taking up a ton of space. I recently went out of my way to get a hard copy of Shenmue and it turns out a lot of Dreamcasts can't even read the disc well so I had to resort to just playing an emulator. What a bummer! The every growing reliance on patches and crap give even less of a reason to even own a hard copy, if you're intent is to be "future-proof" for when we're in bunkers during a nuclear fallout.

    All that won't stop me from rebuying a game that I had when I was a kid, though. So ignore me...

  5. I'm coming to the same point. All I need are HDMI enabled systems and everdrives and I'll be happy.
    The only thing keeping me from slinging my stupidly expensive Saturn games on the net somewhere is that they're buried in a hallway packed full of totes.
    I've been very heavily debating tossing out the rebuilding of the game room idea, and instead selling all that crap that I don't care about anymore and using the funds to make a kick ass theater. I still like movies, after all. In fact, I don't think I've ever liked them more than I do now. I just don't like the movies made now.

  6. I've said it time and time again, I had more fun going out and finding games than I ever did playing games. Now that finding stuff in the wild is like looking for four leaf clovers I just have no interest in this stuff.
    Let the idiots with way more money than sense have it all, I don't care anymore.

  7. If you spent so much time trying to find particular games, I imagine at some point in the future you're gonna regret getting rid of them. Especially if it's a hard to find game. You probably don't need that copy of Need For Speed Underground on PS2 though! haha (I just bought this game for some reason )

  8. Again, finding the game was the fun part. It didn't matter how long it took, from 1994-2006 there was an incredibly high chance that no matter what the game was, I'd find it. I'm not bragging here, but name just about any "grail" and I've probably owned it at one point or another.
    I got rid of all my 16 bit era and earlier stuff in 2005. Aside from seeing how much that stuff sells for now, I don't really regret any of it.
    It'll be the same for the rest of this stuff. I'm past the point in my life where looking at shelves full of games I don't play makes me feel good.

  9. Unless you really need the money, I wouldn't sell. There are more collectards everyday due to social media, let your games appreciate and sell it in 20 years when you really need the money. I am sure your collection is worth a small fortune, the only risk is that the condition deteriorate naturally or theft/accident. If I were to sell, I would put the money into stock market, figure the risk is about the same.

  10. The problem is that everyone plans to sell in 20 years. I don't foresee a lot of this stuff getting much more expensive, adjusted for inflation.


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