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Thread: Post Your Setup

  1. Here's my game room. Pardon that it's a bit dusty.

    View from the doorway.

    Same perspective, other side of room.

    View from the other side of room. My Genesis games wouldn't fit in the frame! lol.

    The Dark Lord of the Sith watches over my TPB and GN collection!

    My Nintendo wall.

    Sega consoles

    Nintendo consoles and U.S./Japanese PS2s.

    Modern consoles. XB1 is under a dust cover.

    Master System!

    PS2, PS3, and 'tendo disc games
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  2. My man-cave is a freaking mess right now. I'll post some pics later.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Melf View Post
    Is that a live video feed coming in from your basement?
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  4. Lol, I wish I had a basement! I'd have a ton more room. My game room is at the back of the house, and lighting was poor. Also, it was past 2am.

  5. That's an amazing setup, melf. I'm really impressed. So clean too!!!
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    So not even like a cool mini-tank like this?

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    I'm stairing at 3 empty cans of diet coke. A shot glass with dried rum in it. A mcdonolds transforming dinosour burger a can of kano kroil oil, a book of stamps, my att phone bill, glasses, cheap lighter . a note book. but no, no tank.

  7. Stop drinking diet coke, noob.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki View Post
    That's an amazing setup, melf. I'm really impressed. So clean too!!!
    Thanks! I'm still working on it, trying to get more wall space. The Wega is 27'' and takes up SO much space, but my Genesis looks so good on it in s-video. I really need to sort out the whole Framemeister/LED TV deal for my older consoles so I can free up some room.

  9. Those were good Sonys. I have a similar 27 inch Sony from the early 2000s with component it and stuff looks amazing on it. It sits in our basement though because I have no where in our place to put it right now.
    Where I play
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  10. Newest member of my family. SONIC MANIA MADE ME DO IT.

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