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Thread: Fear Effect Reinvented (PC, PS4, NS, One)

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    Fear Effect Reinvented (PC, PS4, NS, One)

  2. Remake or reimagining?

  3. I forgot about this franchise. I seem to recall it being a BladeRunner looking Resident Evil type game that was pretty decent.
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  4. Hopefully they don't try to reinvent tank controls and instead do something different and 100% less stupid

  5. Nice...just getting into playing PS1 games (I was a N64 kid) and this announcement comes one day after I picked up the original on eBay. Videogames are getting as bad as Hollywood with all of these remakes.

    EDIT - Good to see some third party support for the Switch though. I'm really hoping Nintendo can have some success with third parties this time around.
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  6. I seem to recall the most noteworthy thing about this franchise at the time was that the main character was gay? Was that correct? I may be thinking of another series.

  7. Right series, wrong part of the series. FE2 was where the lezzing out became a focus.

  8. I have both of these games and I don't think I've ever played them.


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