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Thread: Sonic in Japan

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    Sonic in Japan

    We were talking outside the forum about how sonic was viewed in japan. It is my understanding that he is actually much more popular in the us, uk and eu than jp even though most would assume he was a jp franchise like mario, since cd had anime cut scenes and the furst movue being anime.

    However, when you look at the jp box art and read the sonic wiki, you start to see a picture of sonic being jps view of the us so maybe it was sold to jp as a us game?

    Like sonic 's concept art was group tested in the parks of new York city. And green hill was based on California.

    Can melf or anyone else shed some light on this?

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    Maybe read Console Wars.
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    Maybe someone that has can tell us.

  4. That would be piracy
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  5. I always assume Sonic would be a lot more popular in Japan if he did hentai with Amy.

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    >>implying that doesn't exist

  7. Share your loot

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    you can type sonic amy rule 34 into google just like anyone else

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    Share your loot
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    Seriously. I once saw the genie as a horse plowing jasmine. And the funny part was it was the genies normal head on the horse.



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