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Thread: Manual labor movies? (halp me pls)

  1. Wreck it Ralph

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    I love you all. These are really good; thank you. I should have mentioned that episodes of TV shows are also up for grabs. I feel like there are a million episodes of Star Trek TOS that deal in gulags and visually distinct underclasses, but I'm blanking.
    this is the episode you're looking for

    e: there was also a tng episode where the people on one planet fed people on another planet drugs to keep them subversively working if that's another thing you're looking for, in addition to the jem hadar from ds9
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    How about Dune?

    The book is better about it though, even describing the physical changes as young elite Paul turns into hardened desert warrior.
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  4. Brazil
    Hunger Games
    And the Rutger Hauer classic:

  5. Ben Hur. Ramming speed!

  6. Wait, I meant:

  7. Cloud Atlas, which I hated, had the thing with the asian service worker ladies. The Postman comes to mind, as well.
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    That ww2. Bridge movie maybe.


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