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Thread: Manual labor movies? (halp me pls)

  1. Blade Runner? Forced-labor revolt from generated work force.
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  2. THX 1138
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  3. If Blade Runner counts then so does Soldier.

  4. I considered adding Soldier, but then watched the trailer and decided not to.

  5. Blade Runner is a good pick, but the connections might be a reach for first-year undergrads.

    I haven't seen a whole bunch of these (most of the SSJN recommendations, Dune, THX, etc.). This weekend is gonna be a good one .

    And, yes, The Cloud Minders was exactly the TOS episode I was thinking of. Thanks, cka.

    Thanks again for coming through, y'all! I knew you would.

  6. I...I can't believe you've never seen The Time Machine (though you've probably read it. I'd hope anyway). It's like EXACTLY what you're talking about. Sort of.
    I'll give you a pass on The Blood of Heroes aka Salute of the Jugger. If it weren't for late night Cinemax in the 90s, I would never have seen it. But I loved it. Still do.
    Metroplis (the real one) is like cinema 101. Everyone should watch it.
    I think I've seen you post about Brazil, so maybe that's where the "most" came from. His last film The Zero Theorem may fit too.

  7. I almost recommended The Black Hole, but those folks were lobotomized into servitude.
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  8. I've seen Brazil and Metropolis. I'm shying away from Brazil since I'm already assigning another satire as part of a different assignment and I'm worried students will just spell out Brazil's allegories and pass that off as analysis. And I'm shying away from Metropolis because I don't think I can get a class full of undergrads in a mandatory composition course to watch a silent movie, especially if they have the option to write about a second or third film instead. If this were an elective I'd be all over it.

    I didn't even know there was a Time Machine movie before your post! Much less one worth recommending.
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  10. This guy.


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