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Thread: Manual labor movies? (halp me pls)

  1. Manual labor movies? (halp me pls)

    You know those instances where you feel you could rattle off a hundred examples of something, but as soon as you're in a position where you actually have to come up with an example of that thing, you can't?

    I'm looking for examples of movies that check one or more of these boxes:

    - Manual labor is used as punishment or public deterrent.

    - The bodies of laborers signify the types of labor they do (weathered hands, sensory impairments, crooked posture, etc.)

    - An underclass is subjected to environmental hazards that affect their bodies or behavior (e.g., lead poisoning, Mako eyes).

    - Generally, a movie in which someone's socioeconomic position marks their body or behavior in a readily legible way like certain accents, dialects, and dictions do, only the mark is visually rather than auditorially readable.

    Never Let Me Go and The Island are close to the type of thing I'm looking for. Jaws is almost there. Modern Times and The Wrestler are closer. Spirited Away is in the wheelhouse, too. Do the Riddick movies participate in something like this with blindness being a product of working as a miner? Anything else come to mind?

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  2. Running man obviously.
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  3. Just one or two of those things?
    Mad Max
    Star Gate
    Ghost in the Shell
    Total Recall

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    Cool Hand Luke
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  5. Manual labor movies? (halp me pls)

    Star Trek VI
    Temple of Doom

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    Alien is the best example of this I can think of.
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  7. I love you all. These are really good; thank you. I should have mentioned that episodes of TV shows are also up for grabs. I feel like there are a million episodes of Star Trek TOS that deal in gulags and visually distinct underclasses, but I'm blanking.

    Alien is a homerun, but I'm already using it for something else! I think the only reason I'm in academia is that I can force people to talk to me about Alien.

  8. Not a particularly iconic example, but the first thing that pops into my head is Spartacus (series) where all of the slaves that either can't make it as gladiators or are being disciplined get sent to work in the salt mines.

    Edit: The Wall in GoT could almost work too. It's definitely a punishment, involves manual labor, and those dudes are always talking about losing body parts to frostbite.
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  9. Killjoys had an episode this season about worker cyborgs.

  10. Dude, stop reading Karl Marx.
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