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Thread: 2017 College Football

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    But then we are getting into de facto automatic bid territory which isn’t the point.

    I don’t care how many they have but I also don’t see OSU’s exclusion as a point in favor of expansion. That team was underwhelming this year, as was USC.
    I don't think it's just this year though. Three years ago, it was TCU, who was leapfrogged after winning a game by 52. I think by the time you get to 5 AQ and 3 at-larges, there might be people at 7/8 that aren't on the same level at the top 6, but leaving out a 9/'re already down to teams that didn't do anything. Here you'd get the top 4 now, plus USC, OSU, Wisconsin, and heck UCF. No one else has a legitimate argument. They didn't win their conference AND they had multiple losses AND no set of great wins. Auburn is probably the lone exception in the first four years (a set of great wins), and if you want to swap them out with UCF, then fine. But they've also lost THREE times.

    I bet if we did this for the first four years, all three of those hold true.
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  2. I don't understand why keeping out underwhelming teams like USC and OSU is a problem. Heck throw Wisconsin in there too, as they didn't win the game they needed to win.

    I'm not crying over these teams. UCF, yea, not gonna happen. Like I said only 3 teams really earned their way in, Alabama got the 4th pick because the committee wanted a round 3 and I can't say I blame them.
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  3. Welp, UCF beat the SEC team that beat two SEC playoff teams

    and finished undefeated

    no playoff for you, you should have tried harder, like how Alabama and Georgia did when they beat Aub...oh
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  4. Chokelahoma has arrived!

  5. Bam there it is

  6. Bama has a great defense but this is clearly not the same Clemson offense of the last few years

    Looks like UCF is the national champion

  7. Bama

    Georgia really messed up in the second half, but pulling the running QB for an absolute stud arm would have been hard to adjust to

    That team is going to be scary next year


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