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Thread: 2017 College Football

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    2017 College Football

    The IU student section did their best Hillary supporters on election night impression last night. Halftime was roughly 1:30am on election night, right before reality set in. I'm very disappointed by the lack of photographic evidence available on the internet though. When you gain 17 yards on 27 rushes, you probably got beat badly.

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    Wisconsin did their best OSU impression against a weaker opponent, while Rutgers reminded us that from a sports perspective they're around just to get additional television market share.

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    I can't decide if the Michigan sticks of butter or the Louisville Christmas ornaments are the worst uniforms of the opening weekend. If you wear the same color jersey and pants you should only get three downs or 10 players or something else as ridiculous as they look.

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    These refs have money on Louisville. Holy shit.

    edit: Holy fucking shit. They can't a single penalty that isn't an obvious false start, and they sure as fuck don't know how to spot the ball or look at the goal line.

    edit2: So they do know what holding is. Maybe they just can't see white.
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  5. The Longhorn offense looked pitiful. They aren't going anywhere with the quarterback they have now.

    Maryland looks like they have a legit team, but it could be that Texas just sucked so bad that they made them look good.

  6. Maryland does not have a legit team
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  7. Feel happy for Charlie Strong now. Screw those Texas boosters.

  8. Oklahoma looking to actually deliver with a big upset of a team that most people penciled in for the NC game. Please note Bob Stoops is no longer the coach.

  9. Oklahoma kicked their ass. Wasn't even close. I don't think JT Barrett is very good.

  10. The Big 12 shall rise again!


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