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Thread: Melf and his family are about to be engulfed by hurricane Irma...uh Maria?

  1. Very happy he's ok. I was seriously worried for a while.
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    Very happy he's ok. I was seriously worried for a while.
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  3. Glad to hear Melf is okay. Hope he's got power or at least enough batteries for some portable gaming. Hope he's got food as well.
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    Great news to hear about Melf!

  5. Yay melf

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    BK Is PSO DuPeR!
    Holy shit matt! How have you been dude?
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  7. Yeah he said the home isn't damaged and his stuff/games are ok and he has food, but no electric.

  8. WISE FWOM YO... hurricane?

    Thanks for the concern, guys! My family and I are safe, and there was no damage to the house or my games. There's no power, and we just got water back on Friday. Only one cell phone company (Claro, the PR version of Verizon) works, but I have power and Internet at work, it seems. I'll be posting from there, I guess. I've been reading a shit ton of comics and playing lots of 3DS, which I charge in the car or at work.

    The problem here has been politics. The response time for restoring power and water has been delayed because the governing party (pro-statehood) is giving priority to those towns that have pro-statehood mayors and basically using the crisis as a massive photo-op. The fucking national guard had to come and restore power to the local ice factory because the government wouldn't (the owners are big contributors to the opposing commonwealth party. Coincidence?), That's how low the government is willing to stoop. Also, the governor STILL hasn't visited my side of the island. It's completely gotten out of his hands, and this comes after he nearly broke his arm from patting himself on the back for his "terrific" response to Irma, which barely touched us.

  9. YAY!

  10. yay melf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The politics stuff sounds insane. I had no idea that PR experienced that level of corruption still. That is appalling.
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