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Thread: Melf and his family are about to be engulfed by hurricane Irma...uh Maria?

  1. Here is Melf's Christmas wishlist, so all he'd have to do is add that item to it and maybe select multiple if he wanted more than one.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Melf View Post
    USPS is back to normal operations, so I can send and receive mail. I actually got my D&D 5E Player's Handbook and DM's Guide yesterday, so I can use the daylight hours to learn the rules and make my characters. I've also been painting miniatures and going to bed at 9pm.

    I'm good, so no one needs to send cash or anything like that. Thanks, though. I really appreciate the gesture! If anyone can find some power banks or solar cell phone chargers cheap, I could use those. I have 3 3DS that have to stay charged! The kids are using phones to listen to music too.

    My wife says she heard sounds last night like a power transformer trying to kick back on. I REALLY hope she wasn't dreaming, lol.
    No lights to flip on after a certain time sucks. Being under dark by 8 pm... ugh. I can imagine how bad it would be with no power, having been through it once thanks to Ike in 2008. When it reached OH, it somehow managed to be a Cat 1 rather than a remnant.
    It's good to hear you're OK. Hopefully you're one of the first to get the power back.

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  3. SI has an article in this week's magazine about how J.J. Barea and the Mavs got supplies to PR using the Mavericks Jet liner. Gotta love Mark Cuban lending a hand to Barea's family and home country.

    I'll leave it in attached form, because I kept it big enough to read.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  4. Amazon doesn't allow power banks to be shipped to PR, for some reason. Makes a whole lot of sense right now!

    Still no electricity or cell phone service. Ugggghhhhh.........

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    How about mail service? Because there are an assortment of things that we could mail you for power. Like they make a small wood and trash burner that turns heat into USB power. Or a small fist sized solar panel. Or even a frying pan that converts heat to USB power.

    We could also mail mres or water cleaning kits. But that is all dependent on the mail getting it to you and not sitting in a port in Florida.

  6. Oh jeez That's fucked up, thanks so much Amazon.

    I'm looking up the restrictions for other mail services now, and it seems that it's correct, power banks are highly regulated by every stupid mail source so Amazon sellers don't wanna deal with the extra shipping hurdles. It looks like this requires them to go via ground mail only, which can take time (usually takes about 7-10 days in my experience.) I am 100% fine with shipping you the item myself, so I can order the item and mail it to you direct. Just pop in my DMs with your address, or if you want to post it to fight club so others can mail you some too.
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  7. Thanks. I'll post it in FC so everyone can see it.

    We don't need MREs, since supermarkets are open and running pretty normally for the most part. If you'd like to send them though, please do! I love those things. My wife had never seen one before, and she was amazed at how much food it brought. The muffin top and brownies were exceptionally good!

  8. I prefer them hiking. They weigh more, but you don’t need to use precious water either.
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