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Thread: Melf and his family are about to be engulfed by hurricane Irma...uh Maria?

  1. Better start boxing up the videogame room ASAP.

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    Contractor bags and duct tape.

  3. Big bags and a boat.

    3 of my wife's sisters live in Destin Florida. I hope they don't get hit too hard.
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  4. The good news is that Irma was 30 miles North of Puerto Rico. The bad news is that 1 million people are without power and are still facing the possibility of more flooding.

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    Melf is making jokes on FB so he's alright.

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    I guess I can pull my Genesis game fishing net out of the ocean now.

    Don't worry. It was Ecco safe.

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    Fuck Ecco, I hope he's in a tuna can right now.

  8. Thanks for the concern, everyone. We're fine!

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    He's on the safe side of the island maybe? Maybe not? It's not really big enough to slow it down. Godspeed!
    I live on the extreme southwest corner, so we were actually the farthest point from the storm. We had tropical storm winds and no power for 48 hours, but no damage. I read most of my comic haul from Dragon Con and played lots of 3DS and Uno with my kids.

  9. Cool! I was hoping the mountains on the island shielded you. I was there a long time ago and visited San Juan and Ponce. I want to go back and do all the nature stuff I missed.
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  10. When I made this thread, I'd seen the eye of the storm heading directly for Puerto Rico. It was fortunate that it made a slight turn North about 30 miles.

    Glad to hear your family is safe!
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