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Thread: So, are there any other members on here from 2005?

  1. So, are there any other members on here from 2005?

    You can get discounted dental insurance through Uber. 20 trips in a month and you qualify.

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    I would pitch in too Aurora. It pains me to hear that you lost the pep in your step. World just isn't right that way.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by icarusfall View Post
    Fuck knows there's probably a couple grand more lurking in the cesspool that is my mouth.
    Yeah, I had some perio work done on all the teeths and that was like $1500. There's still some bone transfer thing (hehe bone) and gum graft, no clue what that's gonna be. Plus three wisdom teeth in December.

    Teeth are so stupid and unnecessary. Chrome or ceramic single line shaped to look like teeth for the win.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    I've had about 4 shitty things happen in the last 24 hours (latest thing- Jeep started making an awful noise on the way to work so I pulled over and had it towed, making me an hour late), but nothing so bad as what you've endured. If sharing didn't help you feel better, it helped to make me feel better about my smaller issues- so maybe knowing that can help you feel better?
    Anyway, please put your paypal info out there. It won't be until the Christmas money starts rolling in but I'd definitely throw some loot your way.
    Aww, my shitty thing doesn't negate yours. Car trouble is the worst! It's funny because a month after the car broke down. It was like the shit cherry on top. So I have to get a ride from my ex's brother a few times. I eventually got to drive a rental from my insurance, which was nice. I'll def consider the PayPal, but would something like GoFundMe be better? I dunno.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dunlap View Post

    This is a really sucky part of being a victim, but you gotta remember that it’s not your fault. You were doing good things. The driver and multiple other people actively did bad things and didn’t step up to make them better.

    Please hang around here and in chat. And the least we can shoot the breeze and laugh at dumb people.
    I guess I just felt sorta...silly. Like, since my gym shut it's doors forever, I coulda just went home and got a but more sleep. Oh well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    I'm in for this. Lets cancel Christmas and do something cool.

    This, probably. Go flap your ballsack around on chaturbate and make a mint.

    Students are good for a cleaning, but I'd not trust them to much else.
    Ha! Over the years I honestly have thought of turning to the darkside to raise money. I even considered one of those cuddle-buddy service. I was growing that desperate. But, I'd rather not wake up with a cock in my mouth and a broken bottle up vodka up my ass. "Cuddle," they say.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    So I'd imagine TNL could raise enough to get you a partial denture (I don't think this is the correct term) that, while not being perfect, would keep your bite from drastically changing until you can get together enough for the full work. My dad was a dentist for almost 50 years if you have any questions you'd like me to ask him.

    I'd imagine you've looked into state, and private dental plans. None of them will cover any of it? Insurance is so shady.
    Yeah, nothing will really cover the damage I took. Well, they cover some, but it's so laughable the amount. Like 200-300 off the total. The problem with dentures is that it doesn't prevent bone loss, something my dentist is extremely worried about as is. It would be a stop gap that is most aesthetic, unfortunately. I am not sure it helps with shifting either, as the teeth below/above somehow know there's nothing "real" above/below, so they start shifting/moving/receeding/etc. Teeth are so stupid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rumpy View Post
    That's horrible to hear Aurora! I'm sorry you've been through such a terrible time. You obviously know this already but you gotta get some corrective work done or else it just gets worse and worse! Many of TNL will help any way they can, don't be afraid to reach out. And you have nothing to feel guilty about. Getting your smile back will do a world of good for your self confidence.
    <3 Thanks so much! I'm talking to the dentist one more time today before I consider any donations type thing. He told me on Friday (or was it Thurs) that the financial chick will give me a ring today. Hopefully with some better news than the huge downpayment they wanted before.

    Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki View Post
    If there's two things I understand, it's problems with exes and teeth problems. Don't worry about sharing - the dental system is atrocious here, and even with excellent coverage I have problems that I couldn't possibly afford to fix even if i wanted to. With that said, my problems are negligible compared to what you've had to endure. We want to help and we are here for you. If you're TNL, you're TNL for life, lol. And yes, Xmas money comes in for quite a few of us around Thanksgiving to Xmas. We are happy to help.
    You are far too sweet Thanks so much. If I ever strike it rich, TNL gon' get spoiled.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cowutopia View Post
    I would pitch in too Aurora. It pains me to hear that you lost the pep in your step. World just isn't right that way.
    Aww, I really appreciate it! Yeah, the world is so fucked sometimes. It makes it so much harder when you're also battling horrible jobs. BUT! That part should hopefully change soon. Heaps of interviews this week!
    I took all your French Toast.

  5. Go fund me time.

  6. lol.

  7. I like the part about muzen.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

  8. You would.

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  10. You will never have the last word!


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