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Thread: So, are there any other members on here from 2005?

  1. Yup. I was on this forum during 9/11.

  2. I was on your mom during 9/11.

  3. Yes you were, and she said she needs to talk to you about all those STDs you gave her.

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    I started with the game fan forum that looked like reddit. Then GF_TAVERN chat. Eventually that was shut down and everyone went to mirc. I forget when but sometime after game fan died and they started gamego. I made an account but didn't post much and kept to gf_tavern. There was some cross over point where people stopped talking in chat, gamego gave it's user list to tnl and me coming back to the forum.

    Your gods have left you but IP remains.

  5. Shit. I don't know what year I joined...but I'm one of those people who migrated from the GameGo message boards. So, it must've been early 2000s or something. I can't keep track of any years after the 90s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnifiedplaid View Post
    Shit. I don't know what year I joined...
    Join Date: 19 Mar 2003

    It's visible on everyone's profile.

    While on the subject, I found my way to the GG board after writing an email to ECM to ask why Radiant Silvergun was regarded as a good game - he suggested going to the boards in his response.

  7. I joined in March of 2002 and I think Sl1p had something to do with it.
    Quote Originally Posted by dechecho View Post
    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

  8. I guess my ass was too lazy to check out my profile. March 19th 2003....that means I was a student at California State University of San Bernardino at that time. 22 years old back then, and I'm 36 now, with 11 years of teaching under my belt. Scary how time flies.

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    bahn brought me in before GameGo went homeless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki View Post
    I joined in March of 2002 and I think Sl1p had something to do with it.
    14 Apr 2002 here


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