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This looks like a version of Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou made for international markets, with endings in English and other changes. (i.e. you don't lose your ships after the 1st loop ends, higher scoring from hypers, ship tweaks, etc.).
The difficulty is said to be easier than DOJ White Label but still much harder than Black Label. It was released on a single PCB PGM system like the original WL & BL, not the PGM cart.

One of the endings is translated to "Suddenly, Exy's computer frenziedly kill the companies one by one."

Quote Originally Posted by SapphireDensetsu @ shmupsforum
harduser - Today at 3:44 AM
1.the ships will remain to 2nd loop
2.the 1-5 hachi is easier for remaining ships to 2nd loop
3.the Shootia is as strong as BL for the faster laser speed
4.if using Leinyan/Shootia,the Shot/Laser power will only decrease 1(in WL it will decrease to 1)
There are 3ships can remain to 2nd loop most,and only NMNB the stage in 2nd loop will get another ship(it can get 6ships at 2nd loop)
5.The scoring are higher when using hyper,for the 800hit can reach 30mil in 1-1(WL needs 860+hit)

harduser - Today at 3:49 AM
the 4th has some mistakes: the power decrease by 1 is happened in 2nd loop(the same as BL)

harduser - Today at 3:51 AM
the hyper gauge is the same as WL
also,the 1-4 1up's bullet shape is the same as WL
I didn't know the detailed rank increase rate,for I didn't have the rom to test,maybe it's similar to WL
I have only played the arcade version of ddp3,and because of the Cbutton is off and the CRT is broken 2 years ago,I haven't reach 2-3 on that PCB,and now the game center is gone,in china I think the only remaining PCB is the BL's PCB in Shanghai liehuo
Quote Originally Posted by harduser @ shmupsforum.com
Now I finally get the rom,there are something wrong in the following conclusion:
1.the power punishment is the same as WL,the power will raise to 1 even at 2nd loop

And there are some new thing:
1.2Miss~NoMiss(but not NMNB) in the 1st loop will remain 2ships,3-4Miss will remain 1ship,Maybe NMNB will remain 3ships
2.the laser speed of Shot Type is faster than WL but slower than BL
3.the dodging of first wave of 2-1boss and the 2nd form of 2-3boss is even easier than BL,so,entering 2-5 with 5ships will be easier than WL