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Thread: What Are You Playing (Autumn, 2017)?

  1. I've been thinking about getting Strange Journey, but I am rather stuck on what version to get. I'm leaning towards the original but the 3ds version also looks appealing.

    I've yet to grab Apocalypse (among other 3ds games) because I'm waiting to get more until I beat Fire Emblem Echoes and Samus Returns. Do the new team mechanics hurt the game's difficulty?

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    I've been trying to get through original Castlevania for the past few days. I'm really rusty, but last night I sat down and just bulldozed the game. Felt good, man.

    I then loaded up Castlevania 2, using a patch that allows saving and fixes some of the issues the US version had. This turned it into a really good game, but for some reason my flash cart didn't save it so I lost an hour and a half of progress. D'oh!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Vasteel View Post
    Would you say nothing is lost by skipping IV and going straight for Apocalypse though?
    If you're a fan, I would honestly play both, especially if you've played and loved Strange Journey. You'll get a lot more out of Apocalypse if you've played IV first.

    Strange Journey is definitely the best of the three.

    Man, I can't wait to play that Strange Journey remake.
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  4. KOF XIV (PS4): New record for Story mode- 2.74M with Benimaru/Kyo/Daimon.

    Finished in 2018: 29 games (AC: 14, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 2)

  5. I'm still playing Fallout 4 on the PC. I started playing it more once I got a 1440p monitor. There's one thing that bothers me about this version of the game though. It has some bug that makes the game hang when entering and exiting a building. I have to open task manager and then click back on the game to get back into the next area. It should be loading very fast, because I have the game on an SSD.

  6. Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Trying to push thru games I've had for a while. Started Mario Odyssey but I have a nagging feeling to finish Mario Sunshine first.

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  7. 720 (AC)- Using MAME with Logitech F310. Training level- 104,270 pts. with medal score 21. 12 parks cleared and so close to that next park ticket.
    Hard Reset: Redux (PS4) - Got the Immortal trophy on Level 2 (play on Insane and no-death clear any other stage than the first).
    Trails of Cold Steel (PC) - Just finished Chapter 4.
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    Finished in 2018: 29 games (AC: 14, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 2)

  8. Over the past two days I've put 24 hours into Kotor via Xbox One back compat.

    I've played the game enough to know it had its fair share of glitches, but it seems kinda worse now. I'd never had the game actually lock up on me before, but it's done it twice. The most recent of which was right before I started making this post. I did some googling and no one else seems to be bitching about it, but I've had characters get stuck on walls, I've run into invisible walls in the middle of a corridor, and I've had characters run in place while trying to get closer to some object to interact with. Thankfully the first two problems were fixed by just switching characters.

    That all said, I still love the game but the Taris part annoys me more and more every time I play the game. There's just too much time devoted to the one planet and fetch quests. I've kept to my desire to play through as super evil, but I just don't see what the point is. It's easier, I think, because you get a bunch of money and stuff but from a story aspect it's dumb how so many of my evil choices are met with a "Oh youuuuuuu !" from the rest of the cast. The ease has come in handy since I made my character stupid weak by dumping all my points into charisma and intelligence. Now that I'm reaching towards end game (three planets done, had just finished with Saul when it locked up), I'm finally doing a little damage, but most of the game I've relied on my party to do damage because I'd be whiffing left and right. Nothing more exciting than using the speed power just to see a series of "miss" "miss" "miss" "miss" pop up on the screen, lol.
    I think after this playthrough I'll finally be able to walk away from the game forever. It's getting harder to go home again.

  9. heh, and it locked up at the same exact spot (on the elevator as I try to go to the hanger).
    Googling it specifically, I guess it's a bug that's been there all along, not something new because of the back compat program. I'm trying to restart the game to see if switching the party leader fixes it for me as it seems to have for many other people. BUTTTTT I'm in sign in loop where the xbox tells me I can't sign in because no internet (internet is working fine obviously, I'm posting this after all), let's me cancel, then tries to sign in again.
    Guess I should have left my system at home after all!

    edit: Nope, still locks up.
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  10. The PC version locks up a lot, be it Windows XP, or Windows 7.


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