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Thread: Records: The Weird Stuff

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    Records: The Weird Stuff

    I picked up 80 german records today for 4 dollars. I'm not talking "best of germany" stuff you see at all thrifts. No, like albums from germany, with all the text in German.

    Anyway, instead of shitting up the purchases thread or the what are you listening thread, I thought it would be cool to have a dedicated thread for weird or nonmainstream albums we buy. Who knows, maybe someone will find their new favorite band.

    The coolest find was this german release of IBTWB

    I guess I'm ignorant, but it sounds like Caterina Valente was the shit. An english song for comparison.


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    Lucked out and their was an early rock/country album in the pile

    Also in the pile was an instrumental album by Bill Blacks Combo. This was a later project of one of Elvis's bass players.

    Everybody needs a 101 Strings album

    Though I would go with the weirder stuff if you can find it

    From a fancy Tele Fun Ken guide record for Munchen

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    What german collection isn't complete without something from this creepy kid?

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    I didn't get these today, but whatever


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