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Thread: CRT Madness

  1. Show us your tube.

  2. He got pretty excited about the talk of 13 inches. I don't think that we need to hear, or see, anymore about it.

  3. Garbage Man dropped off a 27" Samsung TX-S2783H aka Slimfit HD CRT.

    Pros: about half as thick as the Insignia 27" HD CRT I had. Fits much more comfortably on the corner piece I have setup between showcases.
    color and picture look amazing compared to said Insignia. Of the seven CRTs I have in the store, this definitely looks the best of them all.
    two component inputs, two hdmi inputs, toslink out.
    Cons: Geometry is about as bad as the Insignia. Noticeable bowing on the bottom quarter of the picture.

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    Sweet! I used to use one of the previous SD models of that as my main TV. It was pretty great.

  5. A friend found two 27" Sony Wega's on Craigslist, free to whoever would pick them up. They're identical KV-27fs120s. He's keeping the better (cosmetically) looking one and letting me have the other (not bad looking, but someone cut a 3-4" slice out of the bottom bezel for some reason).
    Hooked a PS2 via component to it and fired up Ape Escape 3. Looks like sex.
    I've got 8 crts in here now.

    Buddy said the guy showed him a Samsung DLP HD CRT that he still uses as his main screen. Said it looked amazing as the guy was flipping through cable channels.

  6. Aren't DLP and CRT completely separate display technologies?

  7. Thatís how I remember it. One is a vacuum tube and the other is a rear projection onto one of those sorta floppy screens.

  8. I just repeated what I was told without thinking about it.
    But yeah, apparently it was a dlp.
    Iíve never seen one irl. I remember av nerds hating on them because some people would see a rainbow effect.

  9. DLP is a rear projection type set, and different from a CRT. I had a DLP for awhile, if I remember right it had good color but the image was softer than you would expect for an HD set. Plus the bulbs are ridiculously expensive for them.
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  10. A friend of mine had a DLP projector. There was a weird chromatic effect if you moved your eyes quickly while looking at the screen because the colours are projected sequentially. It's not a big deal for most people, but I noticed it a lot because we were always pretty close to the screen and I had to actually move my eyes to look at different things.


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