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Thread: CRT Madness

  1. I'm sure there are people that would pay that, but I just got a decent Wega for the price of "come and get it." There's literally another ad for a 36" JVC D-series that says "I'll pay you $15 if you come get it out of here." I considered it, but I already have one of those at home and it's just too much to move around.
    If he'd said $30-40 I'd have done it. They're too heavy, fickle, and hard to get rid of if they die for me to put any more than that into.

  2. That's fair. I have no idea what these things are worth.

  3. To the right person it may be worth hundreds.
    I am not that person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    That shit can kill you so dead. Whatever happened you're probably super lucky.
    I'm guessing since it was only a 13" tv it didn't have much charge, otherwise I probably would be dead. I didn't have normal muscle control for a few hours. I was 13, dumb, and liked to take apart things.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    There geometry is a little off in mine I think because it could use some caps but it's not bad enough for me to open it yet. I've found out the hard way what happens when you poke around there inside of a CRT without properly discharging it!
    My instructor discharged one right in front of the class. I swear the electrical bolt had a purple hue to it. He then went to touch the cart that it was setting on and we heard a loud pop. I'm surprised it didn't lay him out, because the old man was in his late 70's.
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  6. Widescreen CRT dude just emailed to say, “ I guess I can take $40 if you’re still interested.”
    I fought the urge to reply with a lowball offer. Hopefully picking it up tomorrow.
    Now I’ve gotta figure out where to put it...

  7. I have a similar one from Samsung as well. I am no scanlines fetish guy, but they look good to me.


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