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Thread: CRT Madness

  1. CRT Madness

    Thought I should stop shitting up the haul thread. (yeah yeah why don't you stop shitting up all the threads).
    My buddy hasn't delivered the Wegas yet, so I was bored and trolling craigslist. When I leave here in 40 minutes I'm going to pick up a $12 24" Sanyo SDtv with component/s video/ etc and a $25 27" Insignia HD CRT- stand included! While neither brand is impressive, I looked up some reviews and they both seem to fall in the "decent" category. I thought I'd read that no CRT had HDMI, well, this one does. I'm kinda excited to see what my 480p consoles will look like on it. I also have no idea where I'm going to put it in the store .

  2. My Sony KV-32HS420 CRT has HDMI. It'll run in letterboxed 720p. The original Xbox and GameCube look amazing in 480p.
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  3. Picked up both TVs.
    I've not done anything with Craigslist since I got my JVC CRT from an ad 6 years ago. Thankfully the sellers were both really cool and didn't mind me hooking up a system to test the tvs out. It was kind of funny, both of them dropped their prices without me even saying anything about it. The first guy said he'd take less money even after I just said I'd take it. I told him no, his price was fine. He said, "oh my, you're not like most people I sell to on Craigslist. They always try to get me to go lower so now I just lower the offer right away." I told him if I wasn't fine with the price I wouldn't have responded to the ad.

    The other guy, I asked if it would be a deal breaker if I didn't take the stand. His wife blurt out a funny yet emphatic "YES!" He said he'd take $20 if I took both items. I said ok, but I'll have to make two trips. He half jokingly said, 'Yeah, you take the TV the first trip and I never see you again." I replied, no, if I say I'll come back for it (the tv was literally a 7 minute drive from the store) I will; I save my lies for more important things. I then told him where I was going with it and he offered to follow me with the stand in his truck and help me unload everything. So I handed him the $5 he handed back to me when the price dropped from $25 to $20.

    I hooked the Neo CDZ to the Sanyo with S-video and it looks gorgeous. The Insignia I hooked a PS2 with God of War to see how it looked in progressive and the picture is very dark. Almost to the point of it being unplayable. I have an Xbox hooked up to it now using component with Rage of the Dragons running via emulator (A couple months ago I started doing themes on all the systems I have hooked up and running on demo. Did Gradius, Dragon Ball, and Galaxian/it's sequels previously. Right now it's Double Dragon). There's a bit of rolling on the orange "ranking" screen but otherwise the picture is ok. I ordered a remote off eBay so that I could enter the service menu and fart around with it. I hope I can get the image to where it should be, but won't cry too hard if I have to junk it.

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    Sounds like he's been visited by a bunch of minijoshes.

  5. I can understand if it's a $40 item and the person wants $50. But if you're already getting a decent price what's the point of burg-ing the person down even more? To feel like you "won"? The TV was 12 effing dollars. That anyone would quibble over a few dollars blows my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    burg-ing the person down

  7. My buddy just dropped off the two Wegas, which I now have no room for. But I'll figure something out. He said a friend of his has a 36" Wega he wants gone from his house. I told him to get the model number. I'm evenly split on hoping it's one I'd want vs. one I'd not want. It's gotta weigh 300lbs.

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    That thing would be a monster! My limit is 27", that's the biggest I can lift by myself.

  9. I'm fine with my 13" 1084S.
    My furniture isn't deep enough for a big CRT.

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    Lordy lordy, all this talk of 13 inches and deep holes.


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